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Articlecode Cable diameter Cable construction Cable strength min. RopeFix 40S RopeFix 50S RopeFix 80S ERS-4141 ERS-4142 ERS-4241 4 mm 6x7+1FE ​6x19+1FE 1770 N/mm² 8.000N ERS-5151 ERS-5152 ERS-5251 5 mm 6x7+1FE ​6x19+1FE ​6x37+1FE 1770 N/mm² 12.500N ERS-8183 ERS-8182 ERS-8283 ERS-8281 6 mm 6x19+1FE ​6x37+1FE 1770 N/mm² 20.000N ERS-8183 ERS-8182 ERS-8283 ERS-8281 8 mm 6x19+1FE ​6x37+1FE 1770 N/mm² 35.000N R I GG I NG PRODUCTS \ \ TÜV (GS) and DGUV Test certified in accordance with DGUV regulation 17 (formerly BGV-C1) ERS Rope-Fixers The RopeFix® S-series for event technology has been developed in consultation with leading specialists in the industry. Because it is the well-known mechanism with six bullets for lifting and lifting attachments the RopeFix® S series is no longer in compliance with current safety requirements provided the start with a better, two-stage clamping mechanism, for which now a patent has been applied for. Even the requirement that overload of construction components must be recognizable, is with the RopeFix® S-series met in a constructive way: At a load of the mechanism that exceeds twice the nominal workload (according to DGUV, BGI 810-3), a red one is added on top of the RopeFix® ring visible. This shows on the one hand the obvious overload, and gives on the other hand, that the construction component because of the unauthorized overload must be replaced. The background here is that when bullets are used to cut cables to clamp, plastic deformations usually arise when overloaded. When the overload on the RopeFix® increases, automatic switches the 2nd security level; a clamping mechanism based on the principle of the collet. Here three segments clamp the cable evenly. In combination with the 1st level of the clamping mechanism, this ensures the highest breakage tax on the market. When the RopeFix® is in this state, it is possible guide element can no longer be manually inserted into the structural component printed. This prevents a further - potentially dangerous - use. With the very high breaking load of the RopeFix® S-series it is possible to work a much higher safe workload than with the usual hoists lifting tools in event technology. In event technology, the workloads mentioned below (WLL) in accordance with the regulations of the DGUV, BGI 810-3. These are shown in detail on the inside of this brochure, on the left in addition to the product specifications. ERS RopeFix Mounting Systems Locknnut against accidental release of the clamping mechanism Overload indicator for significant overloads of the workload (component must be replaced) Collet as 2nd safety level only activated in case of overload Proven 3-ball mechanism for the workload area Surface matt black for reduced light reflection Connecting thread Patent-pending mechanism See our website www.riggersworld.eu for our complete range of products with the latest information and current prices. 42