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LOAD CEL LS \ \ BroadWeigh Load Cells, wireless Dynamic Load Monitoring Equipment - BroadWeigh BroadWeigh™ portable wireless load monitoring system is designed to assist rigging and technical professionals. The system provides static and dynamic peak loads in real-time to ensure no point is overloaded. Simple and comprehensive in nature, the wireless system offers quick and easy set up. Incorporating the market leading Crosby shackle and a high accuracy load pin with a unique small head height design, the system provides up to 800 metres wireless range. BroadWeigh can be expanded to suit individual requirements by simply adding additional load cells. MAIN FEATURES: • Wireless Crosby load cell shackles: 5:1 safety factor; • High accuracy load pin with zero trim loss; • Handheld digital display, water-proofed to IP65 NEMA 4; • Optional software package for viewing and data logging of up to 100 channels simultaneously; • Up to 800 m range; • Excellent battery life (650 hours continual use, 5 years in standby mode); • Designed, manufactured, calibrated and tested in-house. Article code Description BWSHK3 Load cell 3,25t shackle wireless BWSHK4 Load cell 4,75t shackle wireless BWHR Handheld display BWBSU-E USB Base station extended range BW-AR Active repeater for T24 wireless Telemetry BWWSS Wireless wind speed sensor BW-LOG100 Data logging software package for advanced monitoring up to 100 channels BW-CASE-A* Case on wheels for max. 16 cells, excl. inserts BW-CASE-A-12 Case on wheels with 4 inserts for 12 cells, handheld, USB receiver and active repeater BW-CASE B* Case for max. 8 cells, excl. inserts for shackles, incl. lid enclosure for holding hand held, base station, active repeater, USB drive BW-CASE-B-8 Case with 2 inserts for 8 cells and lid enclosure for holding hand held, base station, active repeater, USB drive BW-INSERT-A Insert for 3,25t shackles; 4 shackles in 1 insert BW-INSERT-B Insert for Handheld, USB receiver, active repeater BW-INSERT-C Insert for 4,75t shackles; 4 shackles in 1 insert * a case A always need 4 inserts; a case B always needs 2 inserts See our website www.riggersworld.eu for our complete range of products with the latest information and current prices. 37