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LOAD CEL LS \ \ Kinesys LIBRA Load Cells A very compact load cell built-in in a shackle. Two versions are available: a 3,25 t version and a 4,75 t version. These capacities provide a safety factor of more than 10 at a safe working load of 1 t and 2 t, respectively. The load cells can be linked with standard XLR4 cables. Power is supplied from the basic power supply unit or from the Pro power supply unit. With the Pro unit loads are displayed on a LCD display and up to 75 load cells can be supplied with power. With the basic unit loads have to be read out on a separate PC and up to 25 cells can be supplied with power. Load cells can also be connected directly to the DigiHoist controller. See our website www.riggersworld.eu for the full catalogue or ask one of our employees. Article code Description KI-LIB-00-0010 Load cell 3,25 t - shackle cable version KI-LIB-00-0020 Load cell 4,75 t - shackle cable version KI-LIB-00-0030 Load cell basic power supply unit KI-LIB-00-0040 Load cell professional power supply unit Via libra watch and libra wifi the load cell data can be read out on a tablet or smartphone. BW-AR Active repeater BW-S475 & BW-S325 Wireless Crosby shackle BW-BSU-E Wireless USB Base Station BW-HR Wireless Handheld Display BW-WSS Wireless wind speed sensor BW-CASE-B New compact case New: Compact BroadWeigh Case! The new smaller size, compact BroadWeigh case is now available to hold up to 8 Crosby shackles and accessories from the BroadWeigh load monitoring range. BroadWeigh Load Cells, wireless See our website www.riggersworld.eu for our complete range of products with the latest information and current prices. 36