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FOR T H E R I GH T AS SOC I AT E D ACCES SOR I ES ! You are the proud owner of a CM Lodestar or a CM Prostar electric chain hoist. Not the cheapest, but the best electric hoist in the entertainment industry. A quality product with many applications. Good tools must be well maintained and need replacement of parts on time. In order to ensure optimal performance and safety, official CM parts are required. Flightcases for CM or GIS entertainment hoists, Chain Bags and Motor Covers for the Lodestar and Prostar Hoists from CM. The Chain Bags are rectangular bags for electric chain hoists used in the entertainment industry. This for use in upright or inverted position. The products on the following pages are just a fraction of what we offer, more products are found in our online webshop where you can find all the necessary acquirments to suit your needs. Available in 7 sizes, the bags are held by two high resistance polyester straps which take the weight of the chain and distribute it evenly over the bracket/mounting kit. The strenght and flexibility of the fabric, the quality of the sewing and the certified materials ensures the chain bags remain the unrivalled lifting accessory. The Motor Covers, in 3 sizes, are designed for Classic and New Lodestar inverted hoist use. Along with this we have various (multicore) cables, hooks and break-out-boxes. Our salesteam is available for any advise in purchase or use of the accessories. Please call + 31 (0) 75 650 47 52 or send an email to info@riggersworld.eu . SPARE PARTS LODESTAR CLASSIC SPARE PARTS LODESTAR NEW LINE SPARE PARTS PROSTAR HO I ST ACCES SOR I ES \ \ See our website www.riggersworld.eu for our complete range of products with the latest information and current prices. 23