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ELLER ® PH2 0,25T - 1T ELLER ® PH2 HA ND CHA I N HO I STS \ \ Article code WLL (t) Hand chain size ø Standard lifting height (m) Drop of hand chain (m) Chain ø (mm) x number of falls Headroom A (mm) Pulling force (kg) Weight (kg) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) ELPH2-00250-100-095-Z 0,25 5 x 25 10 9,5 4 x 1 259 22 16 95 100 30 22 ELPH2-00500-100-095-Z 0,5 5 x 25 10 9,5 5 x 1 309 24 19 114 110 33 22 ELPH2-01000-100-095-Z 1,0 5 x 25 10 9,5 6 x 1 373 31 25 152 139 40 28 The ELLER PH2 is a consistent development of the successful hand hoist PH1 and is produced with the latest technology. Compared to the PH1, it is much lighter and provides better handling due to the compact design. Despite its lower weight, the work stability has been improved due to improved construction. M A I N F E AT U R ES: • Dirt and rain have no effect on this hoist. All parts and housing are protected against corrosion; • Durable plated housing in black powder coating; • Ratchet type brake with independent twin pawls for reliability and greater safety; • Precision bearings support the pinion shaft for smoother operation and increased mechanical efficiency; • Forged swivel top and bottom hooks made of heat-treated, tempered steel; • The hooks have robust forged safety catches; • All parts like bolts, nuts and washers are galvanized. The gear side and hand wheel side covers are mounted together with the same nuts; • Robust chain connection; • European Grade 80 tempered and galvanized load chain according to EN-818-7; • Standard lifting height 10m and hand chain height 9.5 m; • Overload protection standard built in (excl. 0,25 t). O P T I ON A L F E AT U R ES: • Chain bag with quick link; • Available up to 30 t in orange; • Other lifting heights available upon request. See our website www.riggersworld.eu for our complete range of products with the latest information and current prices. 20